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multi.modal record label
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Music lecturers launch own record label, multi.modal

Composers Dr Claudia Molitor and Dr Tullis Rennie are the founders of multi.modal


Two music lecturers from City, University of London have launched a new record label called multi.modal.

Dr Claudia Molitor and Dr Tullis Rennie say their label’s releases will include elements of improvisation, composition and field recording.

The label is hosted at the Sound Practice and Research @ City (SPARC) research centre in the university’s Department of Music.

A launch party, at IKLECTIK in London, included a live performance of multi.modal’s first vinyl release, Decoys, which sees sound artists Angus Carlyle and Mark Peter Wright collaborate to produce a 15-minute composition and a graphic score.

The City academics said: “multi.modal is a new London-based record label that muddies the borders between improvisation, field recording and composition. Each release on the label will triangulate these artistic spaces and reflect contemporary music practices, which tend to be collaborative and multimodal.”


On the side B of the Decoys release, violinist Alison Blunt, pianist Dr Claudia Molitor and trombonist Dr Tullis Rennie interpret the score by Angus Carlyle and Mark Peter Wright.

Decoys is being released on 16th November 2018 and is available from NMC Recordings.

Angus and Mark said: “We wanted to create a work that would somehow propel the immediate and futurological aspects of life on a damaged planet. There is a sense of environmental toxicity, debris, heat and movements of the human or more-than-human.

“Every sound was produced through experimental Foley (post-production) techniques, which seemed apt given the post-natural context we were working within; we were questioning notions of authenticity and the real within the framing and capturing of place.”

The artists added they were pleased to be working with the City lecturers on the release.

“We are really excited to have contributed the first multi.modal record – taking the opportunity to divert Foley from its usual naturalisms, creating a score that disclosed as much as it dissembled, hearing Blunt’s, Molitor’s and Rennie’s uncanny interpretation, working with a label who realize that graphic design forms part of a release’s content,” they said.

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