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Business Studies, books and babies

Balancing deadlines, dissertations and twins, a young mother and father graduate together from Cass Business School at City, University of London.

by Matthew Little (Communications Officer)

Maurice and Simcha Tamman, (BSc Business Studies), have already shared one special day together, but this week they swapped wedding dresses and suits for caps and gowns as they graduated from Cass Business School.

The married couple from Barnet celebrated their graduation with first class honours for Maurice and upper second class honours for Simcha.

Maurice said: “We have been married for three and a half years, so before we started the degree, but it was nice to have a study partner when it came to our coursework, as we were able to encourage each other to keep going.

“It was definitely a conversation starter and our course mates were quite surprised when they found out we were married – but we made a lot of friends and got through it together.

Simcha said: “You get to choose your own study partners on the course, so we always stayed together. It was nice to share notes over breakfast and on the way from our house to lectures.

“We were happy to go into a degree together, although it is not ideal for every couple to work so closely together, for us it was a great experience.

“It did get quite competitive to see who would get the highest grades in our essays and exams, but it was always fun!”

During their final year of their degree in the middle of their dissertations, Simcha and Maurice had their two twin sons, Daniel and Michael.

Maurice said: “Having twin boys while studying was very hard, but Simcha is amazing and together we were able to juggle our studies and children.

“The university was also very helpful with us if we could not make lectures or seminars, so we had a lot of help.”

Simcha said: “They are seven months old now, but we had them at an ideal time before term started, so we would be revising and reading while changing nappies.

“Both Daniel and Michael had a great day at graduation, I think they were confused by the caps on our head as they kept trying to tug at the tassels!

“Now we will celebrate this moment with our boys, but I think the long term plan is to go further into education, as I will look at teacher training courses and Maurice wants to do a Masters in real estate – so the journey is not over yet!”

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