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City Law School alumnus Paul Katsouris
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City Law School alumnus named Young Lawyer of the Year

Paul Katsouris was presented with the prestigious award at the DIFC Academy of Law Annual Legal Gala 2018, the largest black tie legal industry event in the Middle East.

by Nahda Abdalla (Senior Communications Officer (Dubai))

City Law School alumnus, Paul Katsouris, was named Young Lawyer of the Year at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Academy of Law Annual Legal Gala, which was held last month.

An active member of the UAE maritime community, Paul received the award in recognition of his outstanding performance and valuable contribution to the industry over the past year.

The two-time alumnus and Associate with Ince & Co LLP, tells us about his experience at City.

What drew you to the LLM Maritime Law programme, offered by the City Law School?

During my LLB at City, I had the privilege of being exposed to various International Trade and Maritime Law electives. As I was happy with the commercial approach taken by the faculty during lectures and having decided that I wanted to specialise in maritime law, it was a natural choice. The added value of being able to be based in London – in many ways the hub of the maritime world – was too good a prospect to refuse.

How did the programme prepare you for your career?

The programme as a whole offers an excellent introduction to various aspects of admiralty and international trade law. Students coming out of the LLM Maritime Law would have gained a significant advantage (especially in the beginning of their career) over students coming directly out of their LLB.

What was the biggest challenge you faced on this programme and how did you overcome this challenge?

I would have to say it was probably completing my dissertation. I chose a difficult topic with few references available at the time. As a result, finding information and commentary that was relevant to the topic was always a challenge. This, however, only made it more fulfilling to submit once completed.

What advice would you offer to new students of the LLM Maritime Law (Dubai) programme?

I would advise them to take advantage of the resources and the network of the university during their studies. To gain as much exposure as possible to the industry and industry professionals, and to ask as many questions as possible, while possible.

What’s the most exciting aspect about working in the maritime law industry?

The maritime industry has always fascinated me. It’s such a fast-paced industry, where technology advances in leaps, but at the same time it’s an industry so deeply rooted in tradition. We see things that challenge our interpretation of the law every day; we come across scenarios that are new to us on a regular basis, yet at the same time we operate off precedents that go back hundreds of years.

I like to call it the world’s smallest global industry, because that’s essentially what it is. Ships go everywhere and as they do, we come in contact with the same people from all over the world year after year. We begin to develop long lasting relationships with these people and keep in touch over time.

I suppose this is what excites me: it’s such a revolutionary industry, yet it can still be so traditional.

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