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Meet the faces behind the phones

Two City students talk about their experience and offer their best advice for clearing.

by Matthew Little (Communications Officer)

Jordine Reid, (BSc Adult Nursing) and Mohammed Amin, (BSc Economics, 2017), offer their advice and talk about their clearing experience as City gears up to take an expected 10,000-14,000 calls on A-level results day.

Jordine who will be answering the phones on Wednesday came to City through clearing after she missed out on her original course.

“I originally applied to City for a different course, but unfortunately I was not accepted, so on the morning of A-level results day I was panicking looking for a place.

“I managed to arrange something with another university but things fell through last minute so I was back to square one again just when I thought I had things sorted.

“I then went through UCAS and saw that City had places available for Adult Nursing, which was very similar to the course I originally applied for. I applied and got a call back, and then very quickly in the same week I came in for a selection day and was offered a place.

“It always sounds easier being said than done, but you must not panic. It is important to assess all your options as it can feel like so much information is being thrown at you. I felt under so much pressure, as this was the last year that the NHS were offering funding for my course, so it felt like I had to make it in now.

“I know how it feels when all your friends are celebrating their results and university places when you are there looking for a place through clearing. You can’t let that distract or discourage you. You will get there too, you are just going a different route.”

Jordine Reid, (BSc Adult Nursing)

Another student operator will be Mohammed, who graduated with a 2:1 in Economics last year.

“I remember waking up on the morning of A-level results day and feeling heartbroken when I saw that I had been rejected from my first and reserve offer.

“Everything felt so confusing and due to that uncertainty I made a lot of bad decisions. I accepted an offer for a Computer Science course just to calm myself down but I knew in my head that I did not want to study this.

“When I had regained myself I called City and was offered a place on their economics course. If I hadn’t called City about a degree which I was actually interested in, I may well have taken that Computer Science course and gone into something I didn’t want to.

“This is a big part of clearing, don’t just accept any course, you have to look for what you want to study. You feel desperate, but the last thing you want is to end up enrolling on a course that you won’t finish.

Mohammed Amin, (BSc Economics, 2017)

“I didn’t enjoy college, as I was quite shy and quiet. However City helped me open up, as you realise that everyone is in the same boat as you. Since coming here, I have made friends with people from all over the world and have the opportunity to visit them in their home countries.

“This is something I wouldn’t have got anywhere else, and I hope I can offer that experience to the students calling on results day.”

Give us a call on A-level results day

Once you have received your A-level results you can call the Clearing hotline on +44 (0)20 7040 8877. You can also get in touch using CityChat from 3-4pm on Wednesday 15th August to speak with current students and professional staff about City.

For more information and to see the timings of the clearing hotlines then see the Clearing and Adjustment page.

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