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Professor Carl Stychin speaks at Abu Dhabi Global Legal Education Workshop

The City Law School Dean addressed issues facing legal education in England and Wales.
by John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer)

Gobe. South of Everything Global Legal Education conferenceDean of The City Law School, Professor Carl Stychin, was one of 13 invited speakers attending ‘South of Everything: A Workshop on Global Legal Education’, on 22nd January, hosted by New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD).

Carl StychinDrawing on the City Law School’s internationalisation strategy in his address to the Workshop, Professor Stychin also examined the historical and contemporary challenges associated with the internationalisation of legal education in the United Kingdom.  

Transnational context

The presentation addressed one of the key themes of the workshop, the need to re-envision legal studies within a trans-national context.

Held on NYUAD’s Saadiyat Island Campus, the Workshop brought together scholars in the fields of law, ethnography, the social sciences, linguistics, anthropology and the arts.


The concept of trans-nationalism refers to multiple ties and interactions linking people and institutions across the borders of nation-states. Trans-national activities can be defined as: "those that take place on a recurrent basis across national borders and that require a regular and significant commitment of time by participants. Such activities may be conducted by relatively powerful actors, such as representatives of national governments and multinational corporations, or may be initiated by more modest individuals, such as immigrants and their home country kin and relations. These activities are not limited to economic enterprises, but include political, educational, cultural and religious initiatives as well.

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