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Ordoliberalism: A German oddity?

New ebook examines the influence of the ordoliberal school of economics

The Eurozone crisis has opened fault lines between German economists and policymakers and those in a number of Eurozone (in particular periphery) countries.

In Ordoliberalism: A German oddity?, Professor Thorsten Beck, Cass Business School and Hans-Helmut Kotz, Center for European Studies,explain the historical development of the ordoliberal school of economics and its influence on German policymaking, contrasting it critically with what they call the Anglo-Saxon-Latin pragmatism of economic policymaking.

Professor Beck said ordoliberalism has played a significant part in framing economic policy debates in Germany and, indirectly, the European Union.

“It emphasises principles and rules, stressing a long-term orientation.  For the German economy, this approach has proven mostly successful.  In this ebook, leading policymakers and academics decide whether this distinct approach to policymaking is uniquely suited to Germany, or whether common ground can be found with other national strategies to address urgent policy problems.”

To download a copy of the ebook, click here.

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