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Classmates reunited

The Class of 1966 returned to campus to attend their golden reunion.


Alumni from the class of 1966 have returned to City to attend a 50th anniversary reunion. During the event, they had the chance to catch up with their old classmates, tour the campus and share their stories about what they have been up to during the last half a decade.

Attendees said that they “enjoyed the occasion enormously”, with one alumnus commenting that it was “very moving” and another that it: “recalled a definitive time of life and happy times with fellow students.”

Emeritus Professor of Engineering, Professor Ian Smith delivered a speech during the event, making comparisons between the institution then and now. Professor Smith joined the Northampton Institute in 1962 and is the only remaining member of teaching staff who was employed when the class started studying.

Professor Smith said:

In 1966 there were 1861 students, today, in 2016, there are more than 18,000. In 1966, 60% of students were studying engineering. Today in 2016, City has grown so much that engineering students comprise just 10% of the total student body.  

Professor Smith also mentioned how the number of academic staff has tripled and the ratio of male to female students has switched.

“In 1966 the ratio was somewhere in the region of 90:10, males to females.  However, in 2016 it has become 44:56, with women now in the majority.”

Following the tour, President of City Professor Sir Paul Curran spoke about the University’s journey and future plans.

Alumni at City have access to the library service, an alumni mentoring programme and a wide-range of events held across the world. For more information and to register for updates, visit the alumni webpage.

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