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Jamie Richardson Ice Skating
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Midwifery lecturer wins synchronised ice skating prize

Jamie Richardson won the Adult Team of the Year award at a recent ceremony in Waltham Forest

by George

Jamie RichardsonA midwifery lecturer from the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London has won the synchronized ice skating Adult Team of the Year award at a recent ceremony in Waltham Forest.

Jamie Richardson, who recently joined the Division of Midwifery and Radiography, also won a silver medal performing some skating skills at Alexandra Palace in North London in a separate event.

“As a team our coach nominated us for an Adult Sports Award in Waltham Forest which is the local borough,” said Jamie about the recent prize. “These awards are held each year and are awarded for the contribution to sports in the area.  It was an amazing achievement as the team are very mixed in ages, the eldest being 73.  It was an amazing achievement for the team and highlights its contribution to ice skating within the club.“

Jamie first got into synchronised skating nine years ago as part of a ‘learn to skate’ program being held at his local ice rink in Lee Valley. The sport itself is unique and involves a line of 10 to 16 ice skaters all performing the same moves to a choreographed piece of music.

“I learned to ice skate as an adult and it was an amazing achievement for me and the sport as synchronised ice skating is not that well known,” he said. “The Alexandra Palace event was a skills competition where you had to perform three elements a jump, a spin and a spiral.  It was my first solo entry and there were eight other entrants to my category.  I left after performing my skills as I didn’t think I would be placed, so my coach had to collect my silver medal on my behalf.  It was an amazing achievement for me and gave me confidence.”

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