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City launches new Health and Social Care BSc

Course is designed for students to develop a greater understanding of how to operate and manage in the sector


A new BSc Health and Social Care course launched by City University London will equip graduates with the tools they need to respond to challenges facing the health and social care sector.

Starting in September 2017, the three-year course has been designed for students who wish to understand the sector and how it operates and is managed. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the history and development of health and social care in the UK and internationally, key policy debates, different approaches to the organisation and financing of care services, and how they relate to wider social and political structures.

Drawing on a wide range of insights and research from medicine, sociology, psychology, economics and other disciplines, the course adopts a multidisciplinary and evidence-based approach to encourage students to think critically about how factors such as society, culture, the economy and the environment affect our experience of health and illness, and of health and social care services.

The course combines academic rigour with the development of practical and transferable skills to prepare students for a career within public, private or voluntary health and social care organisations. Potential roles for graduates include management and administration positions, public health and community development-related roles, and policy and research-oriented work.

Speaking about the course, Dr Justin Needle, Senior Lecturer in Health Services Research and Policy at City, said:

“The course is specifically designed to reflect the current, and rapidly changing, health and social care landscape, and to provide students with the knowledge and transferrable skills they need to pursue a career within these sectors. Graduates of the course will be in a position to take full advantage of a diverse range of graduate-level health and social care positions, not only within the public sector, such as the NHS, but also the not-for-profit and independent care sectors.”

Paul Burstow, Professor of Health and Social Care at City and former Minister of State for Care Services, said:

“This course will produce a generation of graduates who understand why a joined up approach between health and social care is needed now more than ever before, and how to deliver it in practice. Anyone looking for a career in management and delivery of health and social care will find City's BSc offers the right grounding in the contemporary challenges and innovative solutions that industry leaders need.”

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