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Weavee beta discover your career
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A platform for matching skills with careers

James Grant, a 2015 BSc Computer Science with Games Technology graduate, has created Weavee, an algorithm which enables candidates to discover their careers while searching for employment.
by John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer)

Weavee beta infographic

City alumnus James Grant is helping job seekers to find their careers through Weavee, the algorithm he has created.

The 2015 BSc Computer Science with Games Technology graduate felt that beyond matching candidates with jobs, job seekers needed a platform to help them find a career suiting them, based on their skills and abilities. During his time at City, James completed the Professional Pathway scheme run by the Professional Liaison Unit (PLU) within the School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering

Weavee was first envisioned as a social networking website.

After a period of technical development it was launched as a minimum viable product (MVP).

However, while he was working as a freelancer at Hays Recruitment, he James Grantdiscovered that Weavee would be more valuable as a recruitment tool. Based on this, he started working on an IT job-matching algorithm with a distinctive interface which is now awaiting a patent. Weavee is currently based on a matching algorithm which James would like to grow into an entire testing suite which helps a person find their skills and discover their abilities.

Providing a unique service

Weavee works alongside businesses in the recruitment and candidate selection industries and James says he is attempting to provide a unique service:

“We have a B2B model and after talking to recruitment agencies it became apparent that there was a gap in the market. No one sells purely to the 20,000-plus recruitment agencies in the UK.”

James thinks this would improve the matching algorithm credibility with the intention of offering pre-tested candidates to agencies who want to place candidates, with each profile providing an accurate description of each candidate.

PLU Manager Mohson Khan said: 

"James is yet another example of a Professional Pathway (PP) graduate who has used the PP experience to fast-track an IT career - moving into a senior IT role or launching a tech business of their own."

Please visit this weblink for more information on Weavee.

Social networking site

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