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Experts to discuss "side-lined" issues in EU referendum debate

A City panel event will welcome speakers to explore a variety of issues


EU flagExperts will discuss issues that have so far been "side-lined" in the UK debate about the European Union, at a free City University London panel event.

Bruce Clark, of The Economist, will speak about how the outcome of the EU referendum could affect peace in Northern Ireland, as part of the discussion on Monday 13th June.

Hosted by the Centre for International Policies studies (CIPS), the event will also see Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society, talk about the lessons that can be learned from other national referendums.

Dr Natasa Mavronicola, of Queen’s University Belfast, will discuss the implications of the vote on human rights in the UK. And Professor Ronen Palan, of City, will explore the attitudes of hedge funds and asset managers towards the referendum.

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Dr Iosif KovrasDr Iosif Kovras, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics at City, said: “There are many mainstream issues that have been covered by the media and politicians in the lead up to the EU referendum on Thursday 23rd June, but there are certain topics of great interest that have received little or no attention.

“This event will explore some of these important side-lined issues, covering areas such as international finance, human rights law, the lessons we can learn from other referendums and religious tension in Northern Ireland.

“There will be far-reaching implications of the vote and this discussion offers students, academics and the public an opportunity to hear about some of these impacts and quiz experts on topics that they may not have seen discussed in the mainstream debate so far.”

The Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS) is the coordinating body for new and ongoing research undertaken by academics in international politics and related disciplines at City.

Part of the Department of International Politics, CIPS also holds free public events that aim to stimulate discussion about key national and global issues.

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