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Prime Minister must 'turn off the sugar tap', says Professor Tim Lang

Professor Lang reacts to Action on Sugar report on level of sugar in hot drinks

by Ed Grover (Senior Communications Officer)

Professor Tim LangThe UK Prime Minister David Cameron must introduce policy to "turn off the sugar tap", according to Professor Tim Lang.

His comments follow the publication of a new report by Action on Sugar that revealed high levels of sugar in hot drinks sold by high street stores.

The study, which analysed 131 different products, found there were up to 25 teaspoons of sugar per serving in some beverages.

Professor Lang, Director of the Centre for Food Policy, in the Department of Sociology at City, said: “The shocking findings of this study are further pressure on the Prime Minister to come up with real change in his obesity strategy, due out any day.

“If companies are pouring out sugar in everyday consumables like this, how is the Prime Minister going to get change? “Somehow he has to turn off the sugar tap – or else continue to bankrupt the NHS.”

The Action on Sugar report follows the publication of a series of briefing papers on the problems associated with sugar by the Food Research Collaboration (FRC), which is chaired by Professor Tim Lang.

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