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Aviation law expert addresses major air transport conference

Dr Steven Truxal, a Senior Lecturer in the City Law School was one of the featured speakers at The Future of Air Transport 2016 conference held in London.
by City Press Office (General enquiries)
Engine of the airplane under heavy maintenanceDr Steven Truxal was one of the featured speakers at The Future of Air Transport 2016 conference (6-7 December). He spoke alongside CEOs and top executives from major global airlines and other key players in air transport. The annual conference attracts hundreds of participants from across the sector and the globe.
Dr Steven Truxal
Dr Truxal addressed the audience on Mergers, Acquisitions and “Fair” Competition in Aviation’, which is one aspect of his new book, Economic and Environmental Regulation of International Aviation: From Inter-national to Global Governance, which was published by Routledge on December 6.

Safeguard clauses

In light the on-going allegations of State subsidies provided to Gulf carriers, Dr Truxal focused on the need to ensure – through legal instruments – a ‘level playing field’ in the global governance of aviation, particularly regarding ‘fair’ competition safeguards and a ‘fair and equal opportunity for airlines to compete’ in the global market.

The European Commission,  vis-à-vis the European Aviation Strategy, launched a proposal a year ago to include safeguard clauses in bilateral air services agreements between States, providing crucial air traffic rights to airlines registered in those States.

Dr Truxal cautioned, however, that this solution will only be effective if both States’ competition regimes provide adequate rules for anti-competitive practices alongside robust enforcement procedures.
European Aviation Strategy

On December 7, 2015, the European Commission (the Commission) adopted an Aviation Strategy for Europe, a new initiative which intends to increase the competitiveness of the aviation sector in order to boost Europe’s economy, strengthen its industrial base and contribute to the EU global leadership (the Strategy). The Strategy consists of a Communication identifying challenges and opportunities to improve the competitiveness of the EU Aviation sector, a proposal for a revision of the Aviation Safety Regulation (Regulation (EU) No 216/2008) and a request for authorisation to negotiate EU-level air transport agreements with key third countries

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