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Professor Corinna Hawkes has commented on the Dolmio labelling story
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Dolmio label change is 'sign of moving food markets' - Centre for Food Policy

Professor Corinna Hawkes comments on the announcement from Mars Food


The announcement by Mars Food that some of its products should only be eaten once a week is a sign that food markets are shifting, according to the Centre for Food Policy.

The Centre, based at City University London, says the motives of Mars Food are unclear but the move highlights growing customer demand for healthier products.

Professor Corinna Hawkes, Director of the Centre for Food Policy, said: “Is the food industry starting to tell consumers to eat less, after years of focusing on selling us more? That’s apparently what Mars is trying to do by labelling some of its higher salt, fat and sugar products as ‘occasional’.

“It’s an interesting move. What might be behind it? Is Mars trying to offset legislation that would force them to lower salt in products? Are they trying to build their brand as a health and wellness company to maintain consumer trust as they look for healthier foods?

“We will see. But whatever the motive, it’s a sign that the market is moving – an early sign that pushing over-consumption no longer has to be the only business model in town."

Leading food policy expert Professor Corinna Hawkes became the new Director of the Centre for Food Policy in April 2016, taking over from Professor Tim Lang.

Professor Lang, who will continue to educate and research at City, founded the Centre in 1994 at Thames Valley University. The Centre for Food Policy has been based at City since 2002.

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