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Getting to grips with TTIP

Under the aegis of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Law, The City Law School will host a research seminar and panel discussion titled, “Whither, whose and why TTIP?” on 12th October 2015.
by John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer)

'Whither, whose and why TTIP?’ is the provocative title of a research seminar and panel discussion being held at City University London on October 12th in Room A130 in the College Building. 

The event will commence at 6pm.

The City Law School (TCLS) seminar will take a broad look at the state of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations across a range of subjects.

It is being held under the aegis of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Law, Professor Panos Koutrakos and is hosted by the TCLS Institute for the Study of European Laws (ISEL) and International Laws and Affairs Group (ILAG).

This inter-disciplinary research seminar will comprise participants working within European Union Law, European Private Law, EU External Relations, Public International Law and International Economic Law.

The event is an opportunity for experts and anyone interested to address a number of issues which are of crucial relevance to transatlantic trade:

A number of questions will be posed, including: Which perspective best captures what TTIP is and what can it achieve? Why has TTIP received so much public attention? Is TTIP an opportunity for best and indeed better rule-making practice beyond the Nation State? Are there better or more worthy and localized agents?

Professor Koutrakos will welcome the audience to this event. It will also feature a Speaker, Professor Harm Schepel, from the University of Kent. The evening's Discussant is Dr Andrew Lang from the London School of Economics. The panel, comprising City's Professor of International Economic Law, Professor David Collins and Professor of Law, Professor Alan Dashwood, will be chaired by Senior Lecturer, Dr Elaine Fahey.

The research seminar and panel discussion will be immediately followed by a wine reception. For more details and directions, please visit this weblink.

Public International Law

Public International Law comprises the set of legal rules governing international relations between public bodies such as states and international organisations. Conventions and uniform laws are common instruments of public international law.

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