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Green Apple Awards
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Sustainability initiatives recognised with award for environmental best practice

The Sustainability team at City have been presented with a Green Apple award


The annual Green Apple awards campaign, organised by Green Apple AwardsThe Green Organisation, rewards businesses and institutions for their work helping the environment. City University London’s initiatives to help the environment and reduce waste were noticed by waste company Bywaters, who then nominated the University for the award.

City works closely with Bywaters to maximise recycling rates that will in turn reduce carbon emissions and reduce the impact on the environment. Bywaters and City worked together to create a video titled ‘The Secret Life of Rubbish’ explaining what happens to your rubbish if recycled correctly. City has also run a number of successful projects to reduce the impact the University has on the environment as part of schemes like Green Dragons, Environmental Champions, Sustainability Leaders and Green Impact. 

Diviya Patel, Creative Marketing Manager at Bywaters said: 

What is unique about City’s Sustainability team is the way they are centred around staff and student engagement towards sustainability. As a whole, City maximises ways to engage and educate the community through their online platforms, including their environment pages, which include thorough information about recycling and waste.

Afua Yeboa-Henaku, Sustainability Engagement Green Apple AwardsCoordinator at City attended the Green Apples ceremony at the House of Commons where she was presented the award by avant-garde fashion designer Aleah Leigh Woods. Aleah is pictured (right) with Afua at the ceremony wearing one of her recycled creations made from used train tickets and newspaper roses.

Afua said: “I was extremely pleased that we won the award. Over the past two years we have put a lot of effort into our staff and student engagement activities to encourage recycling. There is still work to be done, so to be recognised at such an early stage through a high profile cross-sector and international awards ceremony is very encouraging.”

Afua added: "It was great to hear about all the amazing things that other organisations across the world are doing to lessen their impact on the environment. The fact that they were held in the Houses of Parliament was a bonus."

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