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Long serving City staff honoured at celebratory reception

Staff with more than 25 years’ service share their memories and highlights of their time at the University


City has held a celebratory reception to honour long serving staff at the University. The reception, held at Aldersgate earlier in the week, was attended by staff with more than 25 years’ service.

Professor Sir Paul Curran, Vice-Chancellor delivered a speech at the reception, thanking the staff for their commitment to the University. The Vice-Chancellor said:

As we know, City has come a long way in education, research and enterprise over those twenty-five years. The colleagues we are celebrating have established the strong City of today which we are building into the even stronger City of tomorrow. A City producing ever more world-leading research, a City with the most satisfied students in London and a City that is just about to join the University of London.

Among the long serving staff recognised atLS Awards the event, was Professor Steve Haberman, Professor of Actuarial Science at Cass Business School. Professor Haberman was the first lecturer in Actuarial Science in the UK when he started at City in 1974. “The attraction of the job was the dual challenge of teaching and research,” he said. “The focus in the initial years was on teaching and learning how to teach. I then registered as a staff candidate for a PhD and with the support of a distinguished visiting professor effectively learnt how to do research.”

Professor Haberman says the highlights of his time at City so far include becoming a professor, supervising his first PhD to completion and more recently, Cass’s “outstanding REF performance in REF performance in 2014.” He added: 

A key part of working at City has been the great people whom I have met and worked with – academic and professional colleagues, students, alumni and corporate contacts.

Professor James Hampton from the Department LS Awardsof Psychology (pictured on the far right) started out as a lecturer in 1977. Professor Hampton says the biggest change he has seen at City is its increase in size. “Staff in the Department has expanded from eight to about 50, with student numbers increasing from 100 to around 1000.”

A particular highlight has been the significant improvements and investment into the University estate, particularly the School of Arts and Social Sciences move to the state of the art Rhind Building, he says. “Our previous accommodation was atrocious, there were buckets on the landing to collect rain when the gutters overflowed, and an ancient industrial lift that once took the external examiner down into basement and then broke down leaving him to find his way back up via a warren of stairs.”

Professor Hampton describes City as a “friendly place to work”, adding that the “generous sabbatical leave” has allowed him to stay at City while gaining experience of teaching and research in several prestigious US universities. This includes Stanford, Cornell, Chicago, Yale and NYU as well as research links developed in Paris.

Dr Pam Parker, is the ActinLS Awardsg Director of the Department for Learning, Enhancement and Development and started working for City in 1980.

Dr Parker joined City on a six month lecturer contract in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. From here she gained a two year post before she was made permanent. “My career has changed from lecturing in nursing, to staff and education development activities across the University. Many of these activities enhance the student experience through working with, supporting and developing staff for their roles.”

The best thing about working at City is the people, Dr Parker said. “What makes working at City enjoyable is the colleagues and students who are passionate about learning and teaching, sharing experiences and looking at developing new knowledge.”

The longest serving employee is Alan Parish who joined City in 1960, making him a member of staff for 55 years.

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