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Professor David Stupples speaks on Voice of America

City cyber security expert comments on ‘cyber rattling’ activity between Iran and the USA.
by John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer)

Professor David Stupples, a cyber and electronic warfare expert in the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, spoke to the Voice of America (VOA) recently, regarding the acceleration of the use of cyber weaponry by the United States and Iran against each other.

This comes against recent talks between US Secretary of State, John Kerry and his Iranian counterparts in efforts by the two countries to break a stalemate over Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

Commenting on the 'cyber rattling' between the two countries in his interview with VOA European correspondent, Al Pessin, Professor Stupples said:

“Iran has now realised that it has a much stronger weapon at hand. If it pours resources in to its cyber warfare capability it can continuously attack and get quite cheap pay-offs from its activities.”

Professor Stupples and his team of cyber and electronic warfare researchers have developed a video demonstrating an actual cyber warfare incident between Iran and the USA, in which a website is being attacked and shut down.

Events such as this and the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against SONY Pictures last year have increased in frequency over the last three years and threaten business activity and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

To see the VOA news story, please visit this website.

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