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Scholarship awarded to City student for her work with local children

Shruti Shalini awarded £1,000 prize in recognition of her work as a tutor in local primary schools

by Nicola Ranson

Now in its second year, the John Tibble Scholarship for Community Engagement is a £1,000 Widening participation tutor Shruticash prize, awarded to recognise a student’s contributions to the wider community. Mechanical Engineering student Shruti Shalini has received the 2015 Scholarship for her committed work as a tutor in five local primary and secondary schools.

The Widening Participation Outreach team at City University London run a tutoring scheme in primary and secondary schools across London. Supported by a team of tutors made up of current undergraduate and postgraduate students, the scheme provides school pupils with support in English and Maths.

In her role as a Widening Participation Outreach tutor, Shruti has tutored at five schools: the City of London Academy Islington; Rotherfield Primary School and Hugh Myddelton Primary School in Islington; Carlton Primary School in Camden and Holmleigh Primary School in Hackney. 

Working with the same pupils once a week, Shruti supports their Maths attainment and speaks to them about university life, sharing her experiences and encouraging them to make well informed decisions about their futures. In the past year Shruti has contributed more than 100 hours to the tutoring scheme.

Former Director of Services for Students John Tibble chose Shruti as the winner of the 2015 Scholarship award in acknowledgement of her “substantial commitment of time and energy” to help others achieve their potential. John said: 

The scholarship this year goes to someone whose work will make a long term difference to the lives of local children. Having attempted to do so myself in the past, I know that teaching Maths to 15 year olds isn’t the easiest of tasks. Shruti works with passion and enthusiasm and instils a will to achieve through encouragement, by being adaptive and supportive and by fostering self-belief.
John Tibble, Former Director of Services for Students 

Shruti said: “It was a complete surprise to know that I'd been selected as the recipient of the award. Over the last year of tutoring, I've come to genuinely enjoy and appreciate the experiences that this job has given me. The opportunity to help and motivate young children to succeed is something I feel really passionate about. I'm delighted to see that my hard work has paid off and I hope that the children I've worked with do as well as I know they can, in their school years and beyond.”

Margaret, a Class Teacher at Holmleigh Primary School in Hackney, says Shruti has made a real difference with the children she has worked with. “Shruti’s enthusiasm and positive energy is infectious and she has challenged the children to work hard and believe that they can achieve.”

Jenny Tait, Widening Participation Projects Officer, nominated Shruti for the award. Jenny said: “Shruti is one of our most dedicated tutors. She is always reliable, extremely committed to the scheme and we know that she also spends a lot of time preparing for her tutoring sessions. Her passion has made her pupils more engaged and interested in the subjects she tutors in.”

John says that the work displayed by all the students nominated for the award demonstrates “an altruism that contrasts sharply with the often-held view that society is becoming more selfish.”

To learn more about the tutoring programme visit the Experience City website.

John Tibble Scholarship

The John Tibble Scholarship is a £1,000 cash prize awarded to recognise a student at City University London's contribution to the wider community.

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