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Rome Summer School to explore policy and societal issues in the EU and Middle East

The Department of International Politics team up with leading Italian University for week long programme: “EU and Middle East: Religion, Foreign Policy and Economics”

The Department of International Politics at City University London and the LUISS School of Government in Italy are hosting an advanced one-week Summer School in Rome this June. 

The Summer School is open to graduates (including doctoral students and junior researchers), civil servants (from European and Middle Eastern institutions) and analysts and public affairs professionals.

By combining the specific academic expertise of these institutions, the Summer School will offer a unique opportunity to understand the complexities of the Euro-Mediterranean region. Students will consider issues such as the relevance of Islamic culture in economic choices and political mobilisation, as well as the priorities at the heart of foreign policy and security decisions made by the EU and prominent Middle Eastern countries, in a rapidly evolving international environment. 

Dr Sara Silvestri, who coordinated the partnership on behalf of City, says: "This initiative was born out of the synergy between LUISS and City on these issues and developed out of initial contact through the Erasmus exchange programme. We have identified the strengths of our two institutions and combined them to create an original programme of studies around Euro-Mediterranean politics and Islam. It will be highly relevant to the policy community, as well as young and senior researchers."

The Summer School aims to enable participants to fully appreciate the intricacies of the evolving nature of these societal and foreign policy issues and their impact on the region's peace and security. Students will also: 

  • Develop an advanced understanding of Islamic culture and institutions
  • Analyse challenging strategic issues connected to political Islam
  • Examine the impact of Islamic finance and economics on EU/Middle Eastern relations
  • Explore how the foreign policies of individual Middle Eastern states impact on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

The Summer School takes place between 23rd and 28th June. The deadline for applications is 15th May.

Visit the Summer School website for details.

The Department of International Politics at City University London has established itself asa primary department of teaching and research in the field of international political economy, foreign policy and international social and political justice. It offers specialist modules on the Middle East, religion, the EU, security, social movements, and Human Rights. Located at the heart of London, City's Department of International Politics is made up of an active and cosmopolitan community of students, academic staff and researchers dedicated to applying expert knowledge of global politics and international relations to issues and crises happening in the world today.

The LUISS School of Government is a graduate school training high-level public and private officials to handle political and government decision making processes. Since its establishment, it has established itself as a leading academic and research centre in the field of EU institutions, public policies and regional studies, with a specific focus on the Middle East. Over the last years, moreover, LUISS School of Government has launched advanced post-graduate programs in the areas of Islamic culture and politics, law and finance, and EU-Mediterranean relations.

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