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Getting by with a little help from her friends

Student speaker Christina Jensen describes the difficulties she faced after witnessing the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya and praises City staff for their support in helping her finish MA in International Politics.
by Ben

Many of the students lining up to collect their degree certificates at City University London's graduation ceremony at the Guildhall earlier today were fulfilling a life-long dream. For student speaker Christina Jensen the realisation of that dream must have seemed a distant prospect when she experienced a very real nightmare.

nullChristina had been working as an intern at the Danish Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, for just a few weeks when she witnessed one of the worst terrorist atrocities in the country's history at the Westgate Shopping Mall on 21st September 2013.

Despite experiencing such a traumatic event Christina completed her MA and had some inspiring words for her fellow graduates: "What this past year's experiences has proven to me is that it is an uncertain future and world that we live in, but that our success comes from within. It come from us believing in ourselves, believing that we can make a difference and be the best we can be.

"No matter what the future holds, no one can take away from us that we are sitting here today and finished what we started. Our education from City University London is something that will be with us forever, supporting our future goals."

Christina also praised the support she received from City's staff: "After witnessing that [the Westgate attack], it was very hard getting anything done and I would like to stress my appreciation for all of the staff at City for helping, supporting and encouraging me to work through it."

Dr Aggie Hirst, one of Christina's lecturers, commented: "Christina's experience in Kenya posed profound academic and personal challenges. I am proud of the way in which she handled the situation and made such a success of her dissertation project in spite of these difficulties, and I have no doubt that she, like many of this year's International Politics cohort, will go on to make valuable contributions to the political sphere in the future."

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