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Giving Voice: raising Speech and Language Therapy awareness

Students and staff use carols and sign to educate people about the importance and need for speech and language therapy support
by George

nullSpeech and Language Therapy students and staff helped raise awareness for the Giving Voice campaign by participating in a Christmas Carol Singing extravaganza at Northampton Square on Wednesday 4 December.

Launched by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, the Giving Voice campaign provides an opportunity for Speech and Language Therapists (SLT) and service users to demonstrate the unique, life-transforming and cost-saving work of the Speech and Language Therapy profession.

Anna Summersall, a second year postgraduate speech and language therapy student at City University London, said: "Communication needs can be harder to see than physical disabilities so we hope that by raising awareness of the profession and of our clients' needs on campus we are educating people on the importance and need for speech and language therapy support."


In addition to singing carols the students and staff also used Makaton, a type of signing which is often used by speech and language therapists in practice alongside verbal communication to support interactions. By demonstrating this they hoped that it would not only make people aware of the many ways we can communicate, but also open up the discussion with students passing by.

null"Despite often knowing someone who has experienced SLT often students may not always be aware of communication needs that our clients can experience," said Anna. "Therefore, in addition to singing Christmas carols and signing in Makaton we helped raise awareness for the campaign by giving out information leaflets from the Giving Voice website, and also by speaking to people about our work and the clients whom we support."

Many students and staff from City University London, and the wider public stopped in Northampton Square to enjoy the signing, have a mince pie and find out more about the power of communication and Speech and Language Therapy. A group of our students have also set up a City Giving Voice group to help raise awareness about the campaign and associated issues.

To find out more about the Giving Voice campaign, see

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