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City academic addresses delegations from China and Google

Dr Neil Thurman delivers two summer guest lectures

Dr Neil Thurman, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Journalism, has undertaken two prestigious guest lectures over the summer.

First, he hosted a delegation of Chinese journalists to deliver a programme on media nullconvergence. The 13 Chinese journalists and editors - from Tianjin, the fourth largest metropolis in China - were in the UK to learn about media convergence. Media convergence can refer to two things: "the coming together of different equipment and tools for producing and distributing news, or the flow of content across multiple media platforms."*

Dr Thurman was invited to co-ordinate a day of lectures for the group. Dr Thurman addressed the group on news consumption and online news formats in an era of convergence. City's Professor of Entrepreneurial Journalism, Jane Singer, also contributed to the programme.

Dr Thurman's second invitation was to speak at Google HQ in London. The Google team, currently working on a new and yet-to-be-released product, were interested in hearing about Dr Thurman's research into news personalisation: a topic about which he has published a number of articles and chapters. Two of these were written with City's Professor of Financial Journalism, Steve Schifferes, who also spoke at the event.

Dr Thurman is pictured with the delegation of Chinese journalists from Tianjin.

* Jenkins, Henry (2006). Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. New York: New York University Press.

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