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City academic addresses major EU cyber security forum

Professor George Spanoudakis speaks to issues regarding e-identity and security.
by John Stevenson

Professor George Spanoudakis, Associate Dean for Research in the School of Informatics, addressed the Cyber Security & Privacy EU Forum, organised by the European Association for e-identity and Security (EEMA) in Brussels from 18-19 April.

The event involved presentations, panel discussions and clustering workshops focused on the key challenges and strategies for managing employee, citizen and corporate trust in digital life.

nullProfessor Spanoudakis presented research undertaken at City which is aimed at producing accountable and cost effective security assurance and certification schemes for the Cloud.

Speaking at a panel discussion following his presentation, Professor Spanoudakis said:

"In an era of ever increasing awareness of the importance of trust in digital life, developing accountable methods for assessing the security of IT infrastructure, including the Cloud, becomes critical for enterprise and the public at large. Addressing this need on a cyber scale is dependent on new, semi-automated processes for assessing and certifying IT security. Reducing the cost of security assessment and certification is also of paramount importance for maintaining competition and keeping the smaller IT and Cloud technology providers in business, especially with increasing regulation in this area."

Professor Spanoudakis also drew attention to the need for more intensive collaboration:

"National, industry and EU funded research initiatives have begun to address issues of accountability and automation in Cloud security assessment. However, there is no doubt that advancements in this area require further cross-national collaboration as well as collaboration between the public and private sector. To this end, forthcoming funding programmes, such as Horizon 2020, should maintain the objective of developing cost effective and accountable security assessment and certification as a key priority."

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