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Dr Julie Smith awarded Ruralia visiting fellowship


Dr Julie Smith was awarded a visiting fellowship at the Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki as part of Ruralia's visiting scholars programme (2012-13). She spent one month at the Seinajoki unit, Western Finland and is spending one month at the Mikkeli unit, Eastern Finland during June.

Ruralia's research agenda has strong links with the Centre for Food Policy's work on the dynamic between the urban and the rural and the shape of future food systems and Julie's time working at the units provides opportunities to establish links between the two centres, do further research on traditional food provisioning systems - including new research on Finnish food markets - and prepare articles for publication.

Read more about Julie's visit to the Seinajoki unit.

The Ruralia Institute is inviting applications for this year's Visiting Scholars Programme between 13 May and 30 June 2013.

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