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Talented teacher

Dr Greg Slabaugh wins recent School of Informatics teaching event.
by John Stevenson

The annual Teaching Talent event was held in City's School of Informatics last month.
The event featured entries from 24 members of staff with twelve of them making a presentation entitled "The best thing I did in teaching this year was …".

Greg SlaboughA total of eight prizes were awarded based on the votes cast by the audience at the event.

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Dr. Greg Slabaugh, emerged as First Prize winner (£1000) for re-writing his computer science module to account for advances in programmable graphical processing units (GPUs).

Reacting to his victory in the competition, Dr Slabaugh said: "I was surprised to hear that my entry had won, since there were so many very good examples of teaching talent put forth by my colleagues. I was grateful though, that the hard work I put into teaching GPU programming was appreciated by the attendees. Having spent nearly a decade working in industry prior to joining City, I'm motivated to teach students industry-ready techniques to prepare them for entry into the workforce after graduation. I've been very fortunate to have been taught by some of the best lecturers in the world, who have really inspired me."

Reader and Assistant Dean in the Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design, Stephanie Wilson and the Teaching Assistant Team (represented by Aravin Naren) won Second Prize (£750 each). Their contributions focussed on a comparative usability exercise with the Nike 'design a trainer' website and student focus groups making use of Chatham House rules, resulting in improved teaching support.

Third Prizes of £500 each were awarded to Professor Neil Maiden, Dr Ross Paterson, Dr Peter Weller, Dr Cristina Gacek, and Dr Stephann Makri. 

Please visit this link to learn more about the judging process and entry criteria.

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