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Professor David Stupples examines the legacy of Stuxnet

Director of City’s Centre for Cyber Security Sciences shares insights into a malware computer program
by John Stevenson

nullProfessor David Stupples, Director of City University London's Centre for Cyber Security Sciences, has shared his insights into the legacy of the Stuxnet malware computer program. Speaking recently to respected information security journalist and commentator, Davey Winder, in the online publication, ITPro, Professor Stupples also emphasised that "with some modification, a potentially lethal malware sabotaging agent can be employed to damage vulnerable computing systems around the world".

The article, "The Stuxnet Legacy", can be accessed here.

Professor Stupples, who is also a member of the Defence Scientific Advisory Council and the Scientific Advisory Committee for Central UK Government, was also a featured speaker at last month's Infosecurity Magazine 2012 US Summer Virtual Conference.

Professor Stupples's presentation was entitled "Cyber Security and Distributed Denial of Service".

According to Professor Stupples:

"The conference provided an excellent platform to publicise the research we at City are undertaking at the Centre for Cyber Security Sciences. It attracted over 700 'online' delegates, representing most commercial organisational types from across the US. The debate following all of the presentations was both lively and searching. "

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