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  4. City Law School lecturer will sit as a Recorder in the Crown Court
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City Law School lecturer will sit as a Recorder in the Crown Court

Patrick Fields receives an esteemed judicial appointment

nullBar Professional Training Course lecturer Patrick Fields has been appointed to be a Recorder in the Crown Court. Competition for appointment to judicial office is fierce with hundreds of high calibre applicants and only a select number of places.

Appointments are made by the Crown by Royal Warrant, on the recommendation of the Lord Chancellor. Since 2006, the Lord Chancellor's recommendations are based upon an independent process supervised by the Judicial Appointments Commission. He will remain as a full-time member of staff at City, but will also sit part time as a judge in the Crown Court. Patrick Fields commented:

"It is an honour as well as a responsibility to be appointed to sit as a Recorder in the Crown Court. The decisions entrusted to a judge will affect the lives of many people, few of whom will have voluntarily become engaged with the criminal justice system. You are unlikely to be able to please all of those who become entangled in the system but you must deal with each of them with justice and compassion and that is what I will try to do".

Before joining City Law School in 2010, Patrick spent twenty years as a Special Casework Lawyer with the Crown Prosecution Service dealing with the most sensitive and complex cases handled by the CPS. Whilst there, he became the first solicitor advocate to lead for the prosecution in a contested murder trial. At City Law School, Patrick teaches Evidence, Advocacy and Criminal Litigation on the BPTC.

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