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Professor Stanton Newman briefs Secretary of State for Health

School of Health Sciences Dean briefs Jeremy Hunt MP on the role of technology in the management of long-term conditions
by Ben

Professor Stanton Newman, Dean of City University London's School of Health Sciences briefed the Rt. Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health, on the latest developments in the management of long-term care conditions at a seminar organised by the Academy of Medical Royal College, earlier this week.

The seminar provided a confidential forum for Mr Hunt, who took over at the Department of Health in September this year, to hear expert opinion on his four priority areas; Caring, dementia, long-term conditions and preventable mortality.

Professor Newman has a distinguished track record for research investigating the psychological and social issues of physical illness and its treatment with his work focusing on the management of chronic disease and in particular the role of self-management as well as the introduction of technologies, knows as tele-health, or tele-care.

In 2009 Professor Newman was appointed the Principal Investigator on the Whole Systems Demonstrator Project funded by the Department of Health to evaluate the role of assistive technologies in health and social care. The Whole System Demonstrator project is a comprehensive evaluation of these devices. The results have been used to inform policy including the government initiative '3millionlives'.

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