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City's Professor Kevin Jones comments on Israeli-Gaza cyber terrorism warfare

Interim Dean of School of Informatics calls for safeguards to combat cyber crime and cyber terrorism.
by John Stevenson


Interim Dean of the School of Informatics and Professor of Dependability and Security, Kevin Jones, says cyber terrorism now makes it possible for anyone with a computer and a connection to the internet to become a threat.

Appearing as a recent guest on CNBC Europe's Worldwide Exchange with Kelly Evans, co-hosted by Ross Westgate, Professor Jones commented on the more than 44m attempts at hacking Israeli government websites during the eight-day conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Responding to the situation in which some governments such as the Israeli government are involved in 'cyber espionage' operations while attempting to protect themselves and their citizens against cyber terrorism, Professor Jones said:

"There are various levels of capability on this. The serious attempts coming out of governments are part of a military undertaking. What we are seeing in places like Israel at the moment, are people on the street getting involved because they have the basic capability."

Professor Jones mentioned that the annual spend across the world on cyber protection is substantial, so much so, that "the amount spent is sometimes bigger than the cost of losing data".

However, he argues, "the level of investment necessary to attempt a corporate cyber attack is comparatively low, so people will generally be looking for easy targets and for obvious places where they can find something of value. It is still very much divided between two different groups: Those who are opportunistic and those who are making very carefully planned strategic attacks.

He said that while we need to be aware of what can happen and make sure that precautions are in place to prevent escalation of present threats and attacks, "most serious companies, governments and industries are well protected against the kind of attack that the average person can inflict."

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