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City University London and Hub TV partner to improve online video interaction

City University London and Hub TV - a multi-platform production company - are partnering to develop new technology that will make online video more interactive.
by Luke Nava

Currently, online interactive video has limited capabilities - users can only click through to related content via surrounding menus or video-embedded prompts. The new project will take a more intuitive approach, enabling viewers to interact with the video content itself.

For example, in fashion retailing, a user could click on a garment as a model walks down a catwalk, giving them further information, a close-up from a different angle or the option to buy it.

The partnership will see Drs Simone Stumpf and George Buchanan from City's Centre for Human Computer Interaction Design share their expertise with Hub TV's production team, which works across a diverse range of brands and organisations.

Dr Stumpf, the project's Academic Supervisor, says: "User experience design plays a huge role in online customer satisfaction and conversion rates, but relatively little research has been done into how it applies to interactive video. Our new partnership will address this, creating a novel technology that will benefit both viewers and brands alike."

David Hunstone, Hub TV's Managing Director, adds: "Video is the fastest growing segment of the internet advertising market and our clients are continually looking to exploit the latest technology. Increasing interactivity is a key area and we're looking forward to harnessing City's experience in the field."

The two year project has been made possible by £100k of funding from the Technology Strategy Board's Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) scheme, which was secured with support from City's Research & Enterprise team.

As well as knowledge transfer between City and Hub TV staff, the project will also offer a recent graduate the opportunity to develop skills in interaction design and the development of online interactive video through a newly-created KTP Associate role.

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