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Centre for Food Policy MSc and PhD programme news

The Centre for Food Policy enrolled 27 new students in its MSc in Food Policy for the 2012/13 academic year, and the PhD programme added five new students to its number. 

by charlotte

The Centre's still-unique MSc in Food Policy provides students with knowledge and understanding of the breadth of food policy. It ranges across European and international policy worlds as well as the UK. The course's perspective reflects that for which the Centre is known. It takes a food systems approach, viewing policy from agriculture, production, processing, retailing through to consumption. It also explores how the complexity of modern food systems inevitably raises value choices. The course takes a particular interest in how and whether policy processes reflect and shape health, environmental, social justice, and citizenship issues.

Now 15 years old, the course's graduates have become its ambassadors, with graduates working in diverse locations and countries. This year's intake includes students from Japan, USA, Portugal and Sweden.

Professor Tim Lang, head of the Centre for Food Policy and director of the MSc programme, said: 'The continuing interest in our programme is heartening. Our students are high calibre, come from a wide variety of different backgrounds and professions, and work in remarkably diverse roles. Their work is testament to the relevance of our programme in today's society.'

The Centre now has 17 full- and part time registered PhD students. The 2012 intake is:

Raquel Ajates-Gonzalez is carrying out a cross-country comparative study of agricultural co-operatives in the UK and Spain, exploring why and how they have different approaches to co-operation.

Hannah Brinsden is picking up on 2006 Centre research for the WHO on auditing food companies and is researching methods and metrics for monitor the food industry, the role of advocacy and the definition of the public good.  This study is part of the international INFORMAS collaboration (International Network for Food and Obesity/NCD Research, Monitoring and Action Support).

Harvey Ells is researching the role of street food not just as provision source but as addition to cultural life and well-being.

Kelly Parsons is comparing national food policy development  in Australia and the UK and  in recent years, and the lessons for policy-makers. This is a joint Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation's Division of Animal, Food and Health Sciences (CSIRO)-City University research project.

Luigi Russi is researching the impact of global finance on the food system - the financialisation of food systems. This is a joint study with the Department of International Politics at City.

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