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Islington student shines in British Council's international student awards 2011

City University London student Arthy Ravichandran from Dubai has been named runner-up in the regional finals of the UK's most high profile international student competition for sharing her inspirational story of pursuing her dream to become an Aeronautical Engineer.
by Ruth Shepherd

Arthy, who is studying Aeronautical Engineering at Islington's City University London, was one of more than 1,200 students from 118 countries to enter the ninth annual International Student Awards - a major initiative from the British Council that shines the spotlight on international students and their contributions to life in the UK.

For the competition, international students were encouraged to write a personal 'letter home' in English, detailing their achievements that have made their time in the UK so rewarding.

Arthy moved to Islington in 2007 to begin her four year Engineering course at City University London. She lives in student accommodation near Farringdon station. Conquering the demands of her course as well as the culture shock of moving to London, she excelled in her studies and became one of the University's student ambassadors. Her success, which included winning various scholarships for academic excellence and getting her dissertation published in a research paper, wowed the British Council judging panel and resulted in her being named the competition's runner-up. Arthy's letter was judged to be one of London's best and she will receive a £100 prize.

Arthy said: "I am delighted to receive this award from the British Council. My four years at City has fulfilled my dream of studying to become an Aeronautical Engineer and I feel ready and equipped to make my way in the world of work."

Christopher Atkin Professor of Aeronautical Engineering said: "I would like to offer my warmest congratulations to Arthy for achieving the runner-up position in the British Council Shine! Awards. She has been a fantastic student, balancing studies with being one of the University's student ambassadors and we wish her all the best with her career after graduating later this year."

Martin Davidson Chief Executive of the British Council, said the letters home written by the entrants were both poignant and inspiring: "The students have immersed themselves in life in the UK and are making a huge contribution not just to their campuses but to the wider community. The British Council is delighted to recognise their considerable achievements."

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