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Scout’s Honour

Local Buckhurst Hill cub scout leader graduates from University.
by Hollie Jenkins

A local cub scout leader who has been working with children in the Essex area for more than seven years was among over 1,500 students who graduated from City University London this week during ceremonies held in London.

Daniel Sadler, who lives on Buckhurst Way road, completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at City University London and is the first member of his immediate family to graduate from University. His proud mum, dad, and brother all joined him at the graduation ceremony.

During his studies Daniel has balanced his time with his commitments to the local scouts groups, where he is an Assistant Leader after joining more than 3 years ago. Daniel says studying psychology wasn't easy, but definitely worthwhile.

Daniel Sadler"I initially considered studying Art, but after attending a University open day and hearing one of the psychology lecturers speak I decided psychology was the perfect course for me. Studying at University was difficult but I really enjoyed the course. The content was really diverse and the lecturers were great. I particularly enjoyed the modules on social psychology and learning how people behave in groups."

Daniel, who graduated with a 2:1 says that studying psychology has also helped him when it comes to working with the local kids.

"Being both a cub scout leader and studying at the same time definitely has kept me busy, but I think the two really completed one another.

"Being a scout leader you have to constantly plan new activities that will keep the kids entertained, as well as deal with things like behavior management and different personalities. Studying psychology was really helpful in terms of helping me understand and relate to both the children and parents I deal with.

"I feel I have gained a better understanding of how to interact with children and adults alike - thinking like a psychologist now comes naturally to me."

Studying at university has also inspired Daniel to pursue a career in teaching, the perfect way for him to put his scouting leadership experience and psychology knowledge to use.

"I really want to continue to work with children and have just enrolled in a teaching degree. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sure my psychology degree is going to continue to be an important grounding for my future career," said Daniel.

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