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A tribute to Dora Opoku OBE

A Tribute from the Department of Midwifery.
by Hollie Jenkins

The Department of Midwifery at City University London would like to pay tribute to Dora Opoku, who sadly passed away on 17 December 2010.

Dora Opoku played a significant role in the development of midwifery education in London.

As Head of the Department of Midwifery at the School of Community and Health Sciences at City University London from 1995, she established its reputation for providing high-quality education and did much to encourage research.

She was especially interested in women with complex needs and when she became head of midwifery education at the Royal London Hospital in 1984, she thrived. In the cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic and socially deprived area of Tower Hamlets, she set about establishing a progressive and dynamic training school. She recognised that for student midwives to gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes that were required, it was essential that the midwives they worked with were also encouraged to continue with their education.

By 1995, the Midwifery Education department had expanded and was part of the St Bartholomew’s, Princess Alexandra and Newham College of Nursing and Midwifery and she brought the Department into City, where it is now part of the School of Community and Health Sciences.

Dora instilled her enthusiasm for midwifery and women’s health in her students. She loved teaching and for her the students were a priority, always making time for them and fellow staff members.  Dora will always be missed for her sense of  humour, her inclusiveness of all members of her team and for the major contribution she made to midwifery locally, nationally and internationally.

Gulu Hussein and Alison Macfarlane, Department of Midwifery, City University London

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