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Showcase of innovation and enterprise at Research Competition

From quantum graphs to social media, variety is the spice of research at City University London.
by Ruth Shepherd

City University London's 4th Annual Research Competition celebrated the cutting-edge work that is carried out within the University. Researchers presented their proposals before an audience of other academics and colleagues at the end of the winter term. The winning research project, called Eyecatcher: A tool for detecting and monitoring age-related visual and neurological disease, was presented by Professor David Crabb from the Department of Optometry.

There were 13 presentations in all. Each presenter had to adhere to the strict rules of the competition; presentations had to be no more than 10 minutes long with a five minute window for questions from a panel of distinguished judges. Audience members then rated each research project using interactive 'clickers'. A vast range of disciplines and topics were covered; researchers spoke on everything from the electronic properties of quantum graphs to emerging-market business models.

The Department of Optometry's Eyecatcher project triumphed on the day, with the judges' panel recognising its value to society and its forward-thinking solution to neurological and visual disease.

For now, the £40k prize will support two researchers in City's Department of Optometry to analyse large volumes of data already being collected from tracking people's eye movements, including patients with glaucoma and Alzheimer's.

An Interdisciplinary Award of £10k was also presented at the close of the competition. The prize was awarded to City's Journalism Department, eHealth Research Centre and Centre for Better Managed Health and Social Care for a multi-disciplinary project called Tweet, Post or Blog? to develop methods of communicating quality health information through social media networks.

A third award was also given for the best presentation. This was given to Dr Vincent Caudrelier from the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences for his presentation on the Electronic properties of quantum graphs.

"The Annual Research Competition was a fantastic occasion to showcase the variety of work that is carried out across the University.  It was fascinating to see presentations by academics from across the University's seven Schools and discover more about the breadth of study carried out at City. My congratulations to Professor Crabb for winning this year's Competition."

Professor Dinos Arcoumanis, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and International, City University London

Professor Paul Curran, Vice-Chancellor, presented the Professor David Crabb with the Competition certificate and £40k funding to develop the Eyecatcher project.

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