The book combines an introduction to the content and skills needed for data science and modern business analytics with official applications.

By Mr John Stevenson(Senior Communications Officer), Published

Dr Tillman Weyde, a Reader in City’s Department of Computer Science, has co-authored the new book, ‘Foundations of Programming, Statistics, and Machine Learning for Business Analytics’ published by Sage

Along with his former PhD student, Dr Dan Philps and Warwick University’s Professor Ram Gopal, Dr Weyde sets out in the book to cover “all of the fundamentals, from statistics to programming to business applications, to equip students with the solid foundational knowledge needed to progress in business analytics.”

The book introduces key statistical concepts, programming and applied machine learning techniques in a deeply intuitive fashion. Students are expected to gain critical skills to robustly design and develop insightful and powerful analytics in the age of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.


Some of the book's highlights include:

  • Interactive coding notebooks for both R and Python for each chapter to enable practical engagement with relevant business applications;
  • Numerous use cases that often span multiple chapters, motivated by a real-world problem and context, to translate concepts and skills to practical business problems;
  • Plenty of instructor resources to meet students' needs and different teaching styles;
  • The book is a key reference in the upcoming CFA Institute Data Science for Investment Professionals Certificate

Commenting on the book, Dr Weyde says:

“We wrote this book because there is a shortage of textbooks combining an introduction to the content and the  skills needed for data science and modern business analytics with practical applications. The book will help students by introducing mathematical ideas through programming. Every new concept from statistics and machine learning is introduced with code examples in Python and in R. This makes the content more intuitive and helps students develop programming skills they need in business analytics and data science with practical business examples.”


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