By Luke Lambert (Senior Communications Officer), Published

Undergraduate students at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) stepped into the world of careers with a series of talks and activities on how to approach opportunities and decisions in an evolving world.

Hosted by Dr Thomas Robinson, Associate Dean of Student Experience, the UG Launch event was titled ‘Future proof yourself’. Talks and activities looked at how to strategise in an era of enduring and disruptive change.

There were discussions led by Bayes staff, including Dr Simon Hayley, Associate Dean for Learning Innovation and Development, and Sylvia Malo, University Mentoring and Coaching Programme Manager at Bayes. Employers were represented by Nancy Dirar, Vice-President of FX Options Trading at TD Securities.

Dr Robinson opened by speaking on making career choices in the age of crisis. He posed the question: ‘How do you manage your emotions, planning and career identity when your expectations about the world change every six months?’ Dr Robinson explained how to use the past and future to create a personal brand identity when searching for a job.

Dr Robinson said: “We have a lot of models, theories, modules, courses, and exams which adds up to a diploma, but what brings it together? We need to put it into context of real student lives. Thinking about the future with climate change, war, resource shortages, and technological change can induce anxiety. I want to impart some control to the students and give them tools to work with. Often older generations might not think about it, but for young people with 60 years ahead of them it is important to be properly equipped for change.”

BSc Business with Marketing student Hana Farhat said: “It was a very enriching experience hearing from experts and alumni about ways to cope and succeed in our journeys post university but also anticipate and prepare for the efforts and work it takes to reach our goals.”

Dr Hayley looked at how to thrive in an evolving world, plus the impact of AI and labour economics. He spoke on the possibility of a decrease in demand for lower-skilled employees and jobs that require repeated analysis because of evolving AI. He also explored how happiness depends on multiple factors, including relationships, health and having a purpose.

The final two sessions began with Ms Malo leading a visualisation exercise which focused on goals and aspirations for the future. In the guided meditation, students and faculty explored their anticipations and had the opportunity to look back upon their futures from a later moment in time. With varying and enlightening responses from the audience the group discussion was able to bring the long- and short-term challenges faced by students into a common framework.

Ms Dirar, a BSc Banking and International Finance alumna at Bayes who now works in finance in the City, explored her progress since graduation. This included the challenges and realities of applying for internships and graduate positions, and the importance of using hiring channels, such as recruitment firms, to connect with more obscure job posts. She added that branding, and continuous learning and development was also important.

Dr Robinson added: “The UG Launch event has its own future and will grow and expand over the next years as it becomes a staple for enrolled undergraduate students. Bayes’ educational mission is to create resilient people who can thrive in uncertainty and equip them with the skills to become who they dream of becoming.”