The City PhD Mathematics alumnus completes the race in 2hrs 18 minutes and 35 seconds.

By Mr John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer), Published

PhD Mathematics alum, Tom Frith, a former student of Professor Andreas Fring, took first place in the mass race of the 2022 London Marathon on Sunday, 2nd October.

702900Competing in the 18-39 age category, Tom completed the mass race in 2hrs 18 minutes and 35 seconds.

Tom started his PhD studies in 2016 with Professor Andreas Fring, carrying out research into non-Hermitian quantum systems. He graduated in 2020.

“I chose to study at City because of the immediate connection I felt with the Department of Mathematics and the warm welcome given to me by Professor Fring.”

High level of training

Tom is a mathematics teacher in Wembley and distance running has always been his second love. His training schedule for the London Marathon was demanding and rigorous:

“Throughout my life I have trained and competed at a high level, with aspirations to run the marathon. To prepare for the London marathon this October, I was running around 100 miles a week in the preceding four months. For a distance like this, all the hard work is done during training, and on race day I just had to stay calm.”

Tom is very pleased with his performance and says that everything he did went to plan.

Even though he only took the lead in the 23rd mile, Tom says it provided him with an extra boost.

“To win the mass race is a wonderful achievement for me and justifies the many mornings and evenings spent running around the streets of London. For now, I will enjoy some rest”.

Tom’s next goal is to run the Berlin Marathon in September 2023 with a faster time.