By Luke Lambert (Senior Communications Officer), Published

Ensuring an evolving MBA programme at Bayes Business School is crucial to meeting the demands of the future world.

Professor Costas Andriopoulos is taking up the post of Associate Dean of the MBA programme at Bayes following his appointment this summer. He will share the responsibility with Professor Steve Thomas until the end of the year before taking sole charge.

The Professor of Management says the MBA is “very closely linked to the message the School wants to send to the world” about creating the next generation of leaders.

“We want to nurture people to be creative and aim to develop big things rather than only analyse and synthesise information and who simply present ideas,” said Professor Andriopoulos. “It is our responsibility to push people to build and not just consume. MBA graduates should be people who can think, lead and disrupt from within, be it in start-ups or bigger organisations, and be behind products which originated from Bayes.

“It is a challenging programme, which it needs to be, and it needs to evolve. We are here to support and lead students on the right path. It is a fine balance between challenging and supporting students, as challenging too much can be overwhelming while too much support can lead to not enough resilience. We want this to be carried throughout their lives.”

Professor Andriopoulos said the pandemic showed business leaders and entrepreneurs how quickly things can change. He said the value in challenging assumptions, while developing new products, services and business models for the new world will be part of the future learning model.

“There are synergies between this role and my former post, and I want each to feed the other,” he concluded. “From a research perspective there will be new opportunities to learn about the MBA 3.0, which I find exciting.

“I applied for the role because I love our students and alumni. They are an interesting and diverse group and I value their hard-working ethic and their drive to make a difference. Steve did a great job, and my goal is to build and support the students in the next phase of their lives.”