He is a Visiting Lecturer at City and the Founder and Managing Director of Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA).

By Mr John Stevenson(Senior Communications Officer), Published

City, University of London’s School of Science and Technology will honour three of its most outstanding alumni at the inaugural STEM Alumni Awards ceremony on 7th November 2022.

Linus Benjamin Bauer (MSc Air Transport Management, Distinction, 2019) is sharing the Excellence in STEM Achievement Alumni Award with Andreea Cristoloveanu (MEng Aeronautical Engineering, First Class Honours, 2016) while Sir Julian Young (BSc Air Transport Engineering, Upper Second Class Honours, 1985) will receive the Distinguished STEM Alumni Award.

Linus is a Visiting Lecturer on City’s MSc in Air Transport Management programme and the Founder and Managing Director of Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA).

682976He has exemplified perseverance and resilience in his personal, academic and professional life by living with a hearing disability (profound deafness). He also launched his boutique consulting firm (BAA) at the height of the global pandemic despite solid headwinds and challenges.

Linus recently shared highlights from his times at City and his professional career with City News.

City News: Why did you decide to study at City?

Linus Benjamin Bauer: Back in 2017, I was looking for mid-career education opportunities for aviation industry professionals in Europe. Flexibility was the key in the selection process since I had a challenging full-time job with an airline based in Switzerland at that time. City’s unique part-time MSc in Air Transport Management - with modules taking place across global locations including London, Frankfurt, and Dubai - was the most suitable option for me under these circumstances. City’s large global network of aviation industry professionals to enhance my learning and appreciation of the wider subject in aviation was also one of the key reasons to sign up for this programme.

CN: What drew you to the aviation industry?

LBB: I was born deaf and despite that, I still had a dream to become a pilot of widebodied aircraft like the Boeing 747 someday in the future. My parents took me to many places across the globe when I was a child and teenager. During that period, I developed my passion for aviation. I was more excited about the long-haul trips than my own birthdays. When I was a teenager, I had to face the reality that I could not become a pilot because I would never pass the medical check on account of being profoundly deaf. I had to start thinking of alternative options and after many conversations with parents, friends and industry experts during that time I decided to work on a backup plan: sticking to aviation by focusing on a career in the management-side of aviation. My frequent travel activities from my childhood days also strengthened my interest in working for an industry where you meet people from different cultures and backgrounds across the globe. I gained cultural competencies – one of the most valuable soft skills – at an early stage because I spent part of my life overseas, including Australia, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.

CN: Did studying at City meet your expectations?

LBB: Yes, it met my expectations and I would highly recommend the MSc Air Transport Management programme to my peers from the aviation industry looking for a new challenge or a platform to kick-off their transition (e.g. preparation to take on a management role in aviation companies after graduating).

CN: What were the highlights and challenges of your degree programme at City?

LBB: Among my highlights were the following - meeting fellow participants, faculty members and industry professionals from five different continents and nurturing relationships with them; taking part in modules at the state-of-the-art DIFC Academy in Dubai, a highly vibrant city with a global society; being part of a collaborative classroom environment and getting the opportunity to steepen the learning curve through case studies and group discussions with fellow participants (smart collaboration); and receiving the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award from H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum at City’s Graduation Ceremony in Dubai (2019). Some of my challenges were: finishing my part-time MSc programme within 14 months (first module in January 2018, VIVA in March 2019) despite a challenging full-time job with a large portion of managerial responsibility in Switzerland. I used all my allocated holidays in 2018 & 2019 to be part of all modules and completed my thesis during that time period; Intense travel activities between Switzerland and Germany (work and living); UK (modules in London); United Arab Emirates (modules in Dubai) and Australia (MSc thesis in collaboration with Qantas).

CN: Give a brief summary of how you have assisted City Alumni and contributed to a greater awareness of STEM at City since graduating?

LBB: I am promoting City’s MSc in Air Transport Management programme indirectly through publishing op-eds, articles, interviews and thought leadership pieces in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Europe, Asia and the US. I have advised City’s Air Transport Management programme with regard to business development and new partnership opportunities in Dubai.

CN: How have you enjoyed being a Visiting Lecturer at City?

LBB: I very much enjoy working with students from different countries across the globe. It gives me the opportunity to learn from them as they also have differing and enriching perspectives about our aviation industry. A collaborative classroom environment is always something I have enjoyed at City.

CN: How do you balance lecturing at City with heading your own company, the Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA)?

LBB: From time to time it is challenging to balance the two. After two years of Bauer Aviation Advisory’s successful formation and validation as ‘the new kid on the block’ in aviation consulting, our turning point for growth was reached this year; we expanded our presence to the US and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) this summer and our pool of experts to over 50. Thanks to City’s very supportive approach in finding solutions for extremely busy Visiting Lecturers, things are working out very well for BAA. This is what I highly value at City. It motivates me to nurture and take my relationship with the University to the next level.


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