A delegation from the Bangladesh Food Ministry recently visited City to discuss food governance and security and ideas for future policy.

By Mr Shamim Quadir (Senior Communications Officer), Published

Academics from City, University of London’s Centre for Food Policy were delighted to welcome a delegation of 11 representatives from the Bangladesh Food Ministry earlier this month.

The delegation included the Honorable Minister of Food, Sadhan Chandra Majumder, MP and Dr. Mosammat Nazmanara Khanum, Secretary at the Ministry of Food.

The delegates heard about the range of food systems work conducted across the Centre from Senior Lecturer in Food Policy, Dr Christian Reynolds, and Senior Lecturer in Nutrition at the Centre, Dr Swrajit Sarkar, including an outline of the Centre’s world-renowned research which informs food policy here in the UK, and in many cases that of governments and partner institutions and organisations internationally, creating food systems impact on a global scale.

Dr Rosalind Sharpe, Director of the Food Research Collaboration (FRC), which is an initiative of the Centre, also provided an overview of the remit and work of the FRC, and how it brings together academics, civil society groups and sustainable food businesses to share the knowledge needed to help steer the UK towards a more sustainable food system. She emphasised key aspects of the FRC’s working methodology and findings which could inform sustainable food systems in Bangladesh.

The delegation also delivered their own presentation, outlining the unique circumstances of Bangladesh as a young, developing nation, which only became independent in 1971. These included its weather, geography and its food security and nutrition needs, plus its knowledge around food risks and crisis management as it aims to achieve its sustainable development goals for 2030.

Dr Sarkar, who had organised the visit, also facilitated a lively discussion between the City academics and their guests, including concerning the current state of play in food policy in Bangladesh, the UK and other countries, and what policy is working well for some parties, and could be used to enhance areas of food policy in which there may be improvement for others.

Reflecting on the visit, Dr Christian Reynolds commented:

Dr Sarkar and I have researched arsenic and sustainable diet issues in Bangladesh for many years.

It was a pleasure to welcome the delegation to City, University of London. We had very fruitful discussions on how we can support the ministry and co-develop food policy solutions for the challenges faced by Bangladesh.

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