The City Law School academic is assisting the healthcare and sporting technology company in protecting the IP rights around its robotics products.

By Mr John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer), Published


City, University of London has joined forces with Tonus Tech, Newcastle University and Innovate UK as part of a year-long Tone Up project.

605660Tone Up will see the development of a smart garment for athletic longevity and The City Law School’s intellectual property (IP) specialist, Dr Enrico Bonadio, will plan an IP strategy aimed at protecting Tonus Tech’s research & development (R&D), recouping the company’s investments and maximising its profits.

The strategy will focus on protecting new technology created by Tonus Tech by acquiring IP rights, opposing third party infringements and ensuring that Tonus Tech’s technology does not violate IP rights owned by competitors.

Dr Bonadio is delighted to be part of the new project.

During his research into the IP around robotics, Dr Bonadio has discovered that, “design rights are increasingly sought by robotic companies”.

He adds:

Despite having functional elements, these (robotics) products may be devised in such a way that makes them more appealing to the final consumers; design rights could be the appropriate legal tool in the hands of such firms to protect the eye-catching elements of their products. In other words, these rights may help these companies to keep pace with the likely “fashionalisation” of the robotics industry.

Tonus Tech co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Dr Ahmed Wobi, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with City, University of London. Having Dr Bonadio  on board is a key aspect of developing our technology as we strive to improve mobility for millions of people”.

Ian Gibbs, Head of Academic Enterprise, said:

“We expect our City involvement with the Tone Up project to be the start of a long and prosperous relationship with Tonus Tech, whereby City supports the company in fully commercialising its unique products.”


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