City’s Professor Tamara Hervey co-authors the Nuffield Trust’s critical analysis of post-Brexit UK health policy.

By Mr John Stevenson(Senior Communications Officer), Published

The City Law School’s Professor Tamara Hervey has recently co-authored the Nuffield Trust’s analysis of post-Brexit UK health policy, Boosterism blinds us to the possible benefits of Brexit, which critiques the January 2022 UK Government document, ‘The Benefits of Brexit’.

604788Despite the promise that NHS spending will be £57bn higher in 2024/25 than in the year of the EU referendum, the Nuffield Trust argues that the promised increased spending is premised on new investment in hospital buildings and hitting targets, rather than investing in new types of care or pandemic preparedness.

The Nuffield Trust analysis points out that the UK has limited spending horizons with regard to its usual Spending Review period, as distinct from the seven-year timeframe used by the EU.

The Nuffield Trust critique states that the UK still uses old EU rules for medical devices and protections from fraudulent medicines while the pace of reform out of Brussels in these areas has been rapid. It goes on to say that there have been missed opportunities for the UK to have gone its own way in the areas of the governing of health staffing and data.

To read the Nuffield Trust’s analysis in full, please visit this weblink.

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