The partnership between City and Alces Flight releases enhanced computing capabilities across the University.

By Mr John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer), Published


The Hyperion computer cluster, a Dell EMC machine built and managed by Alces Flight, will serve as a centrepiece for exploration in aerospace, material sciences, artificial intelligence, and data discovery. Hyperion is expected to release greatly enhanced computing capabilities across City, University of London’s five Schools.

“We are absolutely delighted to be launching the Hyperion HPC at City,” said, Professor Alfredo Pinelli, Professor of Fluid Simulation at City at the official launch of the cluster at the University on November 24th, 2021.


“The boost and burst in computational power afforded by Hyperion permits City researchers to tackle problems of a magnitude that could not be reached with previous and now ageing HPC systems. Hyperion also represents an opportunity to encourage academic staff from disciplines which hitherto have not used such computing power to explore new horizons of comprehension that can be achieved through big data analysis and machine learning. On the other hand, the new system is an occasion to introduce our students, at all levels, to use and fully exploit the potential of supercomputing and large-scale data analysis.”

The Hyperion HPC cluster has been designed to deliver maximum flexibility for research and offers students and faculty members the opportunity to go further with their ideas.

“When selecting the architecture for the Hyperion cluster the university team wanted to include a wide range of core facilities, delivering compute capability across all of their specialist schools,” said Wil Mayers, Technical Director at Alces Flight,

“By choosing Alces Flight’s managed service the team can focus on delivering tangible end-user benefits and have minimised startup time for the new system. This enables the team to rapidly build up their new capabilities by leveraging HPC best practices.”

The Hyperion HPC cluster, whose name means wisdom and light, is the first cross-university supercomputing service offering available at City.

Full service capabilities are available now. Please visit this weblink for further details.