City increases the value of two scholarships which will provide eligible students with a 50 per cent reduction to the fee of their first year.


Both the Lord Mayor of London Scholarship for Academic Excellence and the President’s International Scholarship will now offer a 50 per cent reduction to eligible students’ first-year fee.

These scholarships were both designed to award academic excellence and help cover the cost of studying at university.

City has awarded these scholarships to more than 50 students – including 18 students who have come from Kaplan International Pathways and INTO City foundation courses.

As recipients of the scholarships, the successful ‘City scholars’ will be expected to act as ambassadors for our communities. This will include representing the University at events, both on and off campus, contributing towards student societies and supporting broader community engagement initiatives.

New scholars outline their plans for the City community

City welcomed the new scholars at a kick-off event where students were invited to meet one another, hear from staff about what activities they can get involved in and learn more about the University community that they will represent. Each scholar was also presented with an official scholarship certificate.

At the event, three student speakers including Sarah Sulaiman (BSc Accounting and Finance), Giulshan Alieva (BSc International Business) and Charlie Williams (BA Politics) spoke about their upbringing, experiences and outlined how they intend to support and develop the City community.

A recipient of the President’s International Scholarship, Monish Patel (BSc Business and Finance).

As part of my application I spoke about City’s new equality and diversity strategy. I come from Kenya and I know from first-hand experience what discrimination can look like.

Coming to London has been an exciting challenge but there are a lot of talented people back home who haven’t had the same opportunities as me. I want to help shape the equality and diversity strategy to make sure that everyone at City is able to fulfil their full potential without any barriers.

I am also looking at trying to get involved with the Widening Participation Team as even here in the UK, there are a lot of families and minorities who face challenges that we as a society have to overcome.

– Monish Patel (BSc Business and Finance)
Noam Achrak (BSc Business Management) and-Yuxin-Teng-Jin (BSc Business Management with Finance)

Yuxin Teng Jin (BSc Business Management with Finance), who came to City from Singapore through the Kaplan International Pathway course, said:

“Kaplan was a great course and the teachers were so helpful. Even though I did most of it online, I still managed to make friends and had so much fun learning about the UK and business management.

“Now that I am at City, I want to get involved in volunteering. I have always wanted to volunteer in the healthcare industry and there are so many opportunities to do that in London.

“Although I am studying business management, I still want to be involved in healthcare and in helping people. I am looking to work in healthcare administration so I can still use my skills to support people who need it most.

I chose City because Bayes Business School has a Triple Crown accreditation which means I can take my skills and qualifications almost anywhere and increase my prospects.

– Yuxin Teng Jin (BSc Business Management with Finance)

“I am really enjoying my time here so far – I even like the weather in London as it means I can wear winter coats!”

For more information about scholarships and bursaries at City see our funding options page.


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