City’s new inter-disciplinary research centre educates participants in Space Launch and Operations Management.

By Mr John Stevenson (Senior Communications Officer), Published


The London Space Innovation Centre (LSIC), ran its first two-day professional development course on 29th and 30th June 2021.

Dean of the School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Professor Rajkumar Roy, and LSIC’s Managing Director, Ehsan Razavizadeh, welcomed participants to the successful course, titled, Space Launch and Operations Management.

It was delivered by aerospace industry safety veteran, Dr Andy Quinn, and featured a range of guest speakers from academia, government and industry: Paul Cremin (Department for Transport); Luke Winfield (Spaceport Cornwall); Paul Williams (Black Arrow Space); Valentin Canales (B2Space); Federico Toso (Deimos UK); and Shaun D'Mello (Rocket Lab).

The course was aimed at providing attendees with knowledge about spaceports, spaceflight operators, their range (with associated flight safety analysis) and applicable UK regulations and licensing processes.

Ehsan Razavizadeh said:

“We are living in very exciting times in the space industrial revolution and our very successful two-day short course could not come at a better time. Forming part of the LSIC’s strategy, our short-course was a first but very important step in contributing to the UK’s space launch capabilities and skills gap. The course’s curriculum carried an excellent balance between academic research, policy and industry issues and themes.”

Based on the success of the course, LSIC aims to offer it next year. It aims to be the first step in addressing the skills gap in the UK space launch industry.

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