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Lecturer in Nursing at City, Dr Enrique Castro Sanchez, contributes to 2nd multidisciplinary conference on COVID-19 in Spain and a new ‘Nurses for Health Equality’ report

By Mr Shamim Quadir (Senior Communications Officer), Published

In April, Lecturer in Nursing, Dr Castro-Sanchez was one of the international speakers at the 2nd multidisciplinary conference on COVD-19 in Spain. The three-day, online conference included speakers from more than 70 scientific societies discussing the progress made and challenges remaining related to the care and management of COVID-19.

Dr Castro Sanchez was invited on behalf of the Spanish Society of Community and Public Health nursing to talk about nursing leadership in COVID-19, on the round table 'Nursing 3.0: education, leadership, and challenges during covid19'.

The round table included presentations by Dr Olivia Sanhueza (Facultad de Enfermeria, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile) and Dr Doris Grinspun (Chief Executive Officer, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Canada).

Reflecting on the event, Dr Castro Sanchez said:

“The debate highlighted the important role that nurses can play ensuring that vulnerable populations and persons placed at risk of covid19 due to social and economic factors are adequately supported. The dilemmas about access to vaccination and opportunities for the development of new nursing roles were also discussed.”

Watch Dr Castro-Sanchez’s talk about leadership challenges for nurses during the covid19 pandemic from the event (Spanish Language delivery and slides, English captions):

In May, Dr Castro also contributed to the second chapter (Domain 2) of a new ‘Nurses for Health Equality’ report commissioned by WISH, an initiative of the Qatar Foundation. The unique report looks at the effects of the role of nurses upon the social determinants of health, which have gained increased attention during the COVID-19 pandemic due to their influence on COVID-19 infection rates and outcomes.

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