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Lucy Major (MSs Speech and Language Therapy) reflects on her ‘emotional’ experience of administering the Covid-19 vaccination


The 23-year-old has spent the last few weeks working at the Haringey Max Vaccination Centre, administering the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab to her fellow health workers and some of the boroughs most vulnerable patients.

Lucy, who is set to graduate next year, was one of the many health students who accepted the NHS request to support the country’s Covid-19 response.

Lucy Major (MSc Speech and Language Therapy)
Lucy Major (MSc Speech and Language Therapy)

“When I was asked if I wanted to continue my placement by supporting the NHS’s vaccination effort there was only going to be one answer,” said Lucy.

“I saw this as me doing my part to help everyone return to some sense or normal life,” she continued.

Speaking on administering the vaccine, Lucy said: “I felt proud to have given the vaccination. It will be something to tell the grandchildren about and after waiting for so long.

“It was emotional, especially when the doses were delivered. It was a really surreal moment. I was with 30 pharmacists and everyone was so excited.”

“This is the only way we can get back to normal”

Since she started administering the jab earlier in January 2021, Lucy estimates that she has vaccinated 30 people.

She said: “I started vaccinating pharmacists, elderly and vulnerable patients. Now that the vaccine has been opened to the public, I am expecting a few busy weeks ahead.

“Everyone has been so happy to receive it, some people asked if they could have a photo of them getting the jab!”

Lucy says that part of her job as a healthcare professional is reassuring people that the vaccine in both safe and important.

Some of my friends have been sceptical about receiving the vaccine, but I tell them that it is the only way we can get back to normal. I got my vaccine straight away as I want to see my grandad.

– Lucy Major (MSc Speech and Language Therapy)

Despite her terrific vaccination efforts, Lucy’s dream job is to be a speech and language therapist, specialising in treating people with brain injuries.

She said: “I imagine I will be vaccinating patients for the foreseeable future – at least until I graduate.

“However, after that I want to start my career as a speech and language therapist. That is where I am most passionate and what I really want to do.”

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