Cass Summer Series begins with discussion about the future of the office with bestselling author and workplace expert Bruce Daisley.

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The Cass Summer Series of webinars kicked off this week with a half-hour presentation and Q&A with Bruce Daisley, former Vice-President of Twitter, who discussed a world without the workplace as employers and employees adapt to new ways of working.

Mr Daisley described a unique transformation that few people could foresee when they last left the office, and outlined the challenges that businesses face in reinventing the workplace – with capacity restrictions likely to be in place even when it is deemed safe to return.

After discussing crucial workplace norms that will need to be replaced, such as idle ‘water cooler chat’ with colleagues, Mr Daisley took questions from the audience about the impact of remote working on company finances and how office networks could be best replicated.

“The pandemic will bring about permanent changes to the way most of us have always worked,” Mr Daisley said.

“The concept of working from the office day after day has now been completely turned on its head."

“It is unlikely that office capacity will ever return to what it was, not just due to health and safety but also the costs associated with maintaining office space now that many organisations have found the capability to operate remotely.

“With the challenge of reinventing the wheel comes a great opportunity to innovate and review budget allocations.”

The webinar was hosted by Professor André Spicer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Cass who said the series will provide a weekly bite-sized look at the world from Cass experts and industry leaders.

“The Cass Summer Series aims to provide brief snapshots into current affairs, research and best practice both from academic experts and those who have seen and done it in business.

“It was great to welcome Mr Daisley with his highly topical knowledge of vibrant work culture, and we look forward to welcoming more guests to share their expertise in the coming weeks.”

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